Polyurea Training Courses

Polyurea Training Programs

You will learn so much about polyurea application, materials and equipment, that’s why it’s called Polyurea University™. Take one class for PU credits, or take them all and become a polyurea professional.

Introduction to Polyurea Course

A basic introduction into the history, science, installation and uses of polyurea and other direct impingement thick film coatings.  The class discusses the unique properties and characteristics of polyurea and the benefits of using polyurea as protective coatings.  We highlight applications and industries where polyurea has been used successfully and why polyurea was the best choice for the project.  Finally, there is an introduction to the technical application of polyurea and other direct impingement thick film coatings with an overview of surface preparation requirements and methods, basic equipment needs, operation, and maintenance, and QA/QC testing and monitoring.  The class finishes with a live, hands on demonstration of polyurea application where all applicants are encouraged to spray.

This class is ideal for;

  • Engineers interested in how polyurea could benefit and impact the projects they are working on
  • Contractor sales personnel that would like to be more informed when working with clients
  • Contractors interested in expanding their services and offerings

There are no pre-requisites for this class.

COST:  $600

Advanced Applicator Course

An in-depth dive into polyurea and other direct impingement thick film coatings.  This class is designed for the applicator and contractor who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of polyurea.  The class focuses on the details of installing polyurea including surface preparation execution and evaluation, priming, spray technique, equipment operation and maintenance, QA/QC testing, and trouble shooting.  It includes hands on demonstrations of gun, transfer pump, and lateral hydraulic pump rebuild and maintenance.

The Poly-U Advanced Applicator Class is intended for those currently applying polyurea or other thick film, direct impingement coatings and is ideal for;

  • New hires, or newly promoted employees
  • Team leads, project managers, and superintendents
  • OEM installers

Attendees should currently be installing polyurea or other direct impingement thick film coatings.

COST:  $900