Polyurea University™ Graduates first 14 Qualified Polyurea Applicators of 2016

Polyurea University™ Announces that it has graduated 14 professionals with the degree of Qualified Polyurea Applicator.

2016 Class Grads

Houston, TX – February 26, 2016 – VersaFlex’s Polyurea University™ is proud to announce that it has graduated the first individuals of 2016.
The class consisted of 14 professionals with varying levels of coatings industry experience. These 14 individuals now hold the degree of Qualified Polyurea Applicator.

The class took place February 22 – February 26, 2016 at Polyurea University™ headquarters in Houston, TX. In order to achieve the degree of Qualified Polyurea Applicator, students must successfully complete the first three levels of the curriculum, along with passing of a 50 question exam.

  • Class 1: Polyurea Products Guide
  • Class 2: Fundamentals of Polyurea
  • Class 3: Polyurea Spray Applicator

Polyurea University™ appeals to individuals with varying levels of experience, from beginner to coatings veterans.

“Dudley did a fantastic job!! I have never applied polyurea,” said Greg from Texas. “After attending class I feel very confident that I can successfully apply the polyurea coating.”

Courses are taught by Dudley J. Primeaux, II, PCS, CCI – the foremost expert in the polyurea industry. The informational class work sessions include handouts containing slide presentations of PowerPoint shows dealing with every aspect of polyurea technology; from the chemistry to the practical application techniques best suited to spray and install polyurea systems.

Polyurea University™ offers five major polyurea professional development programs.

  • Basic Polyurea Materials
  • Qualified Polyurea Applicator
  • Qualified Polyurea Professional
  • Qualified Polyurea Inspector
  • Master Polyurea Inspector

For more information about the Polyurea University and their full 2016 class schedule, please visit: http://www.polyureauniversity.com.