Qualified Polyurea Professional (QPP)

Qualified Polyurea Professional (QPP) (5 days)

Pre-Requisite: Requires Completion of Basic Polyurea Materials Course

  • Spray Applicator Training
    General introduction of polyurea technologies, spray equipment options, surface prep, field testing, and case studies. Hands on spray demonstrations. Personnel safety. For those entering polyurea spray business or new employees. The course gives a more in-depth overview of polyurea issues on a variety of topics ranging from equipment to troubleshooting, repair to maintenance, substrate preparation to priming, and many others. As such, applicants must have completed the Level 1. (2 Days)(LVL3)
    The Fundamentals of Polyurea Technology and The Spray Applicator Training Class together are the equivalent to the PDA Spray Applicator Class.

    Achievement Level Accomplished: Qualified Polyurea Applicator, QPA (if Basic Materials Class has also been completed)

  • Surface Prep
    How to properly prepare concrete, steel surfaces for application of polyurea. Failure analysis, basics of concrete and steel, surface preparations, application conditions. Equipment and industry standards. (1 days)(LVL5)
  • Specifications, Certifications, & Preparation
    How to write proper specifications, how to read and work from prepared specifications. Can you do this project profitably in time and meet the specs. Working around other trades, and scheduling conflicting activities at the site. On site training requirements, acceptable presentation of the site and turn over when completed. (1 day)(LVL 4)
  • Advanced Spray Applications
    Optimize your knowledge of the proportioner, focus on repair and maintenance of the spray equipment. Hose heat trouble shooting. Hands on repair and breakdown of proportioner and spray guns. (1 days)(LVL 6)
  • Job Log Submissions
    Submit Professional Job Logs of Three Qualified and Inspected Polyurea Jobs.

Achievement Level Accomplished: Qualified Polyurea Professional, QPP