Basic Polyurea Materials & Qualified Polyurea Applicator Course

Basic Polyurea Materials (BASIC) (2 Days)

Our Basic Knowledge and Materials Class covers virtually everything about polyurea coatings and linings in general.The Basic Knowledge and Materials Degree is a Pre-requisite course line to advance into our Qualified Polyurea Applicator/Professional or Qualified Polyurea Inspector Program Degrees.

  • Polyurea Products – How to Choose the Right Formulation for the Type
    Aromatic products, Aliphatic products, Specialty products — flame retardant, high abrasion, high slip, high chemical resistant. Aspartic products, Low temperature spray products, fillers and sealants. (1 day)(LVL3)
  • Polyurea Chemistry for Non Chemists
    Basic chemistry of polyurea for applicators, engineers, purchasing agents. Discussion of the key terminology used in polyurea, reading MSDS and product bulletins. To be offered the evening of Level 1 or 3 on a no charge basis to those who wish to stay. (2 hrs)
  • The Fundamentals of Polyurea Technology
    The course will provide an overview of polyurea both from the standpoint of its chemistry and application technology, as well as its potential uses. The course is designed as a prerequisite lead-in to our in-depth Level 2: Spray Applicator Training. (1 Day)(LVL2)

Achievement Level Accomplished: Basic Materials Degree

Qualified Polyurea Applicator (QPA)

  • Basic Materials Completion
  • Spray Applicator Training * (part of Qualified Polyurea Professional Degree as well)
    General introduction of polyurea technologies, spray equipment options, surface prep, field testing, and case studies. Hands on spray demonstrations. Personnel safety. For those entering polyurea spray business or new employees. The course gives a more in-depth overview of polyurea issues on a variety of topics ranging from equipment to troubleshooting, repair to maintenance, substrate preparation to priming, and many others. As such, applicants must have completed the Level 1. (2 Days)(LVL3)
    The Fundamentals of Polyurea Technology and The Spray Applicator Training Class together are the equivalent to the PDA Spray Applicator Class.

    Achievement Level Accomplished: Qualified Polyurea Applicator, QPA