Polyurea Training Instructor

Versaflex, recognized worldwide for his work developing polyurea systems, application techniques and knowledge pertaining to the technology, has taken the position of Director of Development and Education with VersaFlex. In this role he is primarily responsible for the continuously expanding training curriculum offered by the company. Dudley is also an SSPC certified Protective Coatings Specialist (one of only about 220 people world wide) and a Certified Coating Coatings Inspector.  We have absolutely the most experience with the chemistry and application work with this technology.

Dudley J. Primeaux II, has been directly involved in the polyurea story since the early development works back in the 1980’s. His background is in Organic Chemistry where he holds a Master of Science Degree. He also has a very high degree of mechanical abilities, which proves useful in field application / equipment usage.

Dudley has authored over 40 technical papers relating to the polyurea industry, is named inventor on over 25 US Patents and 8 European Patents. He has experience in the preparation of new raw materials, formulation development, application equipment usage, field application work and failure analysis of coating / lining projects. He knows more about “polyurea” than most in the industry.

Common Polyurea Programs Dudley is involved with:

Product Development

  • new raw materials, additives
  • formulation assistance
  • blending design

Application Equipment

  • set-up on new application equipment
  • professional training on equipment usage / techniques
  • trouble shoot equipment issues


  • part of the Polyurea Training Group, seminars on polyurea technology
  • personalized field training for specific projects
  • preparation of training manuals / programs
  • assist is start-up of polyurea application project

Application Analysis

  • review potential application projects
  • review problem installations, make suggestions and repair procedures
  • failure analysis

Marketing / Sales Programs

  • prepare presentations / seminars for marketing / sales groups
  • seminars for potential projects / clientele
  • product spec data sheet preparation
  • prepare and assist in technical paper presentations

Trade Associations / Certifications

  • The Polyurea Training Group
  • Developer / instructor of polyurea training programs
  • Polyurea Development Association
  • SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings
    • C-1 and C-2 Certified
    • SSPC-PCS Protective Coatings Specialist
  • NACE: The National Association of Corrosion Engineers
  • CHLOR*RID International, Inc.
    • Soluble salt removal
  • GUSMER Corporation
    • Application equipment certified
    – Reactor and Xtreme Mix installation and repair certified

Link to Dudley’s Patents